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TSAR is an all-volunteer, community organization with high standards of professionalism and service. We operate year round in all of the off-road areas surrounding Taos, New Mexico, throughout the state of New Mexico and occasionally into Southern Colorado. Our team searches in all seasons. We search for lost hikers, climbers, hunters, campers, children, people with alzheimer's, skiers, snowmobilers, etc. We rescue persons injured in backcountry settings, which include the mountains, the high desert, and the Rio Grande Gorge. We are also called in for urban, off-road searches. Our deployment is through the New Mexico State Police.
TSAR is on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. We provide training for all areas of expertise required on a mission. This includes: litter packaging, medical scenarios, low and medium angle rescue, avalanche training, swiftwater training, search for downed aircraft, communications, navigation with map and compass, use of GPS, and computer search technologies. We are always looking for volunteers. We train and employ the following Specialized Search Units: Ground, K-9, Mounted, High Angle, Medical, and Base Camp (which includes our Mobile Command Unit). If you are looking for a way to serve your community, consider joining Taos Search and Rescue.

If someone you know is lost or missing, contact the New Mexico State Police or your local law enforcement agency. Do not call Taos Search & Rescue directly. We are deployed through law enforcement only and cannot respond to individual calls.
Thank you!

New Mexico State Police Contact

Visit our WILDERNESS TIPS page under SAR INFO before your next adventure into the wilderness. These simple facts could save your life or the life of someone else.

Always check the current WEATHER FORECAST and know your SUNRISE AND SUNSET TIMES before you travel into the wilderness: on our TAOS INFO link. This bit of information is very important in avoiding trouble or in the case you find yourself in trouble. Our motto: "Be pepared, not sorry"!

TSAR has been serving the NM community for over 25 years. The perpetuation of our mission is not possible without the generosity of our community. We are not funded by state or federal government, but only through the generosity of people like you.

Don't have time to become a member of TSAR? We invite you to take the time to visit our SUPPORT page to learn how you can still make a difference and become a part of our mission,"So Others May Live."

There are no individual heros in search and rescue. It takes a whole team working harmoniously together (and sometimes multiple teams) utilizing a myriad of resouces, equipment, knowledge and tools to effect a search and rescue operation. We invite you to visit the pages of our site that outline the people (MEMBERS), resources (UNITS), knowledge (TRAINING), and more (MISSIONS, PHOTOS) that are required for us to respond to the call.